October Movie Wrap Up

I saw four films in October. Here is what I thought of them.

LA ComicCon Haul

I went to LA ComicCon back in October and got some cool things.


Supernatural Impala

Janice Rosenthal
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Scott Hattox/The Dog and Dragon
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Rob Gardner
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Beverly Arce
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Catching Up: Top Ten Favorite Horror Movies

We’ve been Catching Up on past seasons of Supernatural and decided to start a podcast to discuss them. We’ve gotten through the first four seasons so far (links to posts: Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4) but today we thought we would do a special episode of the podcast unrelated to the show. Since it’s Halloween we thought we would do a Top Ten episode discussing our favorite Horror Films. So check out the show below to hear us countdown our Top Ten Favorite Horror Movies.

Time stamps:
00:00 – Introduction
01:44 – Top Ten Favorite Horror Movie Countdown
57:20 – Honorable Mentions

Listen to the show here:

Intro/Outro music:
“Heavy Rock” by Scott Holmes

Catching Up: Supernatural Season Four

We’ve been Catching Up on past seasons of Supernatural. Discussions of Season One, Season Two, and Season Three are already up. Today we’re talking about Season Four and the approaching Apocalypse.

Time stamps:
00:00 – Introduction
01:20 – Favorite Episodes of the Season
22:20 – Best Use of Music Licensing
26:40 – It’s the Apocalypse! Let’s Discuss!
36:00 – Season Observations and Favorite Quotes
44:06 – Baby at LA ComicCon
48:29 – Final Thoughts and Ratings

Listen to the show here:

Intro/Outro music:
“Heavy Rock” by Scott Holmes

LA ComicCon Impala Info:
Instagram @bela_a_great_thief
Facebook @BelaAGreatThief

Hollywoodland (2006) Movie Review

Following up my reviews of Shopgirl and Chinatown for Movie Rob’s Genre Guestimation with a look at Hollywoodland. Hollywoodland is a pretty solid 2006 release that attempted to revive the Noir genre, and I don’t feel like it has gotten enough attention over the years, which is why I chose to highlight it today.

The film follows Louis Simo, played by Adrian Brody, as he is investigating the death of George Reeves, played by a pre-Batman Ben Affleck. As he digs deeper into the life of the television star, he is exposed to the ever-corrupt Hollywood movie scene and the greediness of people trying to make it big in the city of dreams. The film demonstrates that in Hollywood, not everyone’s dreams come true. George Reeves was given a starring role on a highly rated television show and yet he wanted more. He could not have more because once he was Superman that is who he would always be. He wanted to star in major motion pictures and he wanted to be a success. He could not have all of that though because the small success he had gained in the end turned into his ruined career.

As is true in Los Angeles and Hollywood, many people come to make it as big stars and few actually get the satisfaction of achieving this dream. Hollywoodland contrats the parties of movie stars and producers with darker sides of the city like police corruption. It suggests Hollywood is where dreamers come and more often than not they are severely disappointed. Reeves has found success but is then restricted by it, and in the end unhappy with the way his life has turned out. This is a true Hollywood story. It happens every day and it happened to Reeves.

The film pits Simo’s own stalling career and unhappy life against that of Reeves. He is a prime example of the classic jaded detective from a Noir film. He drinks too much, has a rough relationship with his loved ones, and struggles to find success. In the end though, Simo might actually have a more hopeful, if not happier ending than most detectives in the genre. It is the ending that makes this film feel very much like a “Hollywood film” in that it can’t quite commit to too harsh a finish for our main character. It has to leave a smidgen of hope for its audience to cling to, and in that respect it is very LA.