30 Favorite Book Covers

Reposting my #30DaysofFavorites project here on my blog. Sharing my 30 FavoriteBook Covers.





30 Favorite Fictional Characters

Reposting my #30DaysofFavorites project here on my blog. Sharing my 30 Favorite Fictional Characters.




30 Favorite Books

Reposting my #30DaysofFavorites project here on my blog. Sharing my 30 Favorite Books.






#30DaysofFavorites: Favorite Book Quotes

I’m getting close to closing out my 30 Days of Favorites project in which I’ve been listing off a bunch of my favorite things as a way to celebrate my 30th birthday. Today I’m counting down my Favorite Book Quotes.



























































































Discovery of the Week: Goodreads

I finally have an account on Goodreads, this week’s Discovery of the Week!

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 3.13.56 PM

I know I’m really behind the times on this week’s topic but hey, it’s better to show up to the party late rather than never, right? Goodreads has been around for seven years and I’ve been seeing Facebook notifications pretty much ever since. For any who don’t know, Goodreads is a social network for readers. I’m kind of on a books kick right now, actually, I’m always on one. You can review things you’ve already read, select books you want to read, and even highlight what you’re currently reading.

You can also “friend” people on the site, just like Facebook, and read their reviews on things they’ve read. It’s a really cool way to keep all of your reading lists together in one place, and it’s great that you can suggest things to people you know, or get suggestions from them on what to read.

This is another great source of information on new books to discover and I can easily see this being very dangerous. I already have a reading pile at least 50 books high at home, a Pinterest board of things I want to read that has around 85 titles on it, and no time in my schedule to read any of them. Still, I’m excited to explore Goodreads and see what books other people are talking about.

Discovery of the Week: Problems of a Book Nerd

Last week I mentioned how great Tumblr is for new discoveries. Well Buzzfeed is another great source for finding cool new corners of the internet.

This week’s discovery actually involves both of those sites. I’d like to introduce you to Problems of a Book Nerd.

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 5.44.43 PM

Thanks to this Buzzfeed post, I learned about Problems of a Book Nerd, a tumblr devoted to posts about issues book lovers face.

People submit “book nerd problems” and the creator of the blog goes through them and decides which ones to share, then numbers them, and posts them (at the time of this post there were over 650 “problems).

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 5.51.07 PM

This is an example of some of the many posts. They’re funny little situations that many readers have either experienced, or heard stories of. I’ve seen a lot of these pinned on Pinterest and posted on Facebook. I never knew where they came from and I’m so glad I found this tumblr. I’m currently working my throw the archives. My favorite so far is this one below.

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 5.59.20 PM

I love the note at the bottom. I think that’s a beautiful thought.

In addition to these posts, the girl who runs the blog answers questions her followers have messaged her. Most of them have to do with favorite books and book experiences but occasionally there are some other, non-book related questions topics.

I’m still figuring out this whole Tumblr thing and I like that I’m finding new blogs to follow. I love reading and I never have enough time in my schedule to do so as much as I’d like. So, I have to live vicariously through Pinterest book boards and now Tumblr blogs like this one.

Discovery of the Week: The Secret Six

A couple weekends ago my parents and I were watching tv and came across an interview with author Brian Kilmeade, where he discussed his new book, George Washington’s Secret Six: The Spy Ring That Saved the American Revolution.

Basically George Washington was a badass who had a secret team of spies that helped out during the American Revolution. He realized that in order to win the revolution, he would need more than just military strength. He enlisted the help of six strategically placed people: a Quaker merchant and reporter, a tavern keeper, a dock worker, a bachelor whose ability to travel aided in his spy duties, a coffeehouse and print shop owner, and a female socialite.

All but one of these people have been identified by now (Agent 355, the female socialite is the only one whose identity is still a mystery). I won’t reveal the names of the others in case you wanted to find the book and discover them for yourself. My mom already ordered a copy for my dad for Christmas. In fact, she ordered it on her Kindle as we were sitting in the family room watching the interview. Isn’t technology wonderful?


I’m excited to read the book (after my dad finishes it, of course) but I’m even more excited to learn that George Washington had spies! Not only did he have spies but they were an important factor in winning the Revolution! That is just so cool. I love American history and I love learning something new like this that demonstrates how awesome our history is sometimes.