Catching Up – Supernatural Season 6

Back with another episode of Catching Up! Covering Supernatural Season 6 this time around. Where do you go from the Apocalypse? Also trying out a new hosting service. Let’s see how SoundCloud holds up.

00:00 – Introduction
01:40 – Favorite Episodes of the Season
25:17 – Honorable Mentions
30:00 – Best Use of Music Licensing
36:18 – Favorite Quotes from the Season
39:00 – Acting Shout Outs
41:00 – General Thoughts on the Season
56:30 – Final Thoughts and Ratings

Black Widow Movie Review

I’m back to reviewing movies (sort of)! I’ve been going to theaters since they opened here last July but this is the first time I’ve felt enough of anything to do an actual review of one of the films I’ve seen. The much anticipated Black Widow film came out last month. I saw it, and now I’ve posted my review. Check out my thoughts on it in the video below.