Discovery of the Week: Crö-Dough/Cronut

This week’s Discovery is food related!

For those of you not in the know, there is a recent food creation called a “Cronut,” which is a hybrid croissant-doughnut. It is as amazing as it sounds.

Glorious, isn't it?

Glorious, isn’t it?

There’s a bakery near where I work that sells “Crö-Doughs.” There are some copyright issues with the name (the original baker, Dominique Ansel of Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City trademarked the name) so all the imitations have had to be very creative with their names but it’s the same basic idea: doughnut shape with croissant inside. 3 Square Bakery on Abbot Kinney in Venice, CA has named theirs Crö-Doughs. And it is amazing! I have tried all three flavors (vanilla, nutella, and raspberry), and it looks like I am officially addicted (by the way, the nutella one is the best, though the others are excellent as well).

First bite. Mmmm

First bite. Mmmm

I’m not a big foodie but sweets are kind of my weakness. I had to try macaroons when I found out there was a place that sold them nearby, and any new cupcake place needs to be explored. So, when I heard that these Crö-Doughs were close, I immediately set out to try one. I’m not going to say they are a must for everyone but if you’re dying to try them, and can make it out to Venice one weekend, they are worth it. Then again I drive over 30 miles to work everyday so my perception of time and distance may be different than other people’s.

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Discovery of the Week: Polyvore

Hello again!

Welcome back to all two of you reading this 🙂

I have another website to share with you today. I know I promised to branch out more off the web but hey, this is my blog and I’ll do what I want to (seriously though, I am keeping an eye/hear open for any cool discoveries in the real world).

I can tell this new site is going to be very addicting. It’s like Pinterest met InDesign and had a baby they shared with us.

I introduce you to Polyvore!

Okay, so I know it’s been around for a bit (I’ve been seeing Polyvore sets on Pinterest since I joined two years ago) but I’ve only just recently become curious as to what it is exactly. I finally followed that curiosity to the site, where I soon discovered an amazing world of fashion splendor.

So here’s how it works:

Polyvore acts as kind of an interactive shopping experience. You can create “sets” of things (clothes, makeup, furniture, perfume, etc.) that you like. You select each item and then arrange them in a InDesign-esq program (it is simpler than that but hopefully that gives you an idea of how to make a set). For example, here is a set I created:


I went through a list of tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories to complete this look. Each time you click on something you’re given the option of “liking” the item, viewing more details about it, or adding it to your set. “Liking” it adds it to your profile so you can come back to view it later. “More details” leads to the site where the item is sold (it is all about what makes money, right?), which I absolutely love and loathe. I love it because I can easily find these items if I choose to purchase them and I hate it for the same reason. My bank account is going to suffer greatly with this discovery.


This is another set I created. There are all kinds of choices when forming one. There are endless colors you can filter by, as well as type of clothing, furniture, etc. and even by brand. I find it all very fascinating from a consumer standpoint. I know I’m being sold to and that I am in part selling to others (other users can follow you and view your items, sets and collections). I personally don’t mind being used for such a purpose (hello, have you seen my username?) and I like that I’m able to see things arranged as outfits before I seriously consider purchasing them. It makes it interesting and doesn’t just give you an idea of how something might look with another piece but actually puts them side by side so you can compare colors and style.


It really is a dangerous rabbit hole that I have fallen into and I love it!

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Movies I Want Everyone to See: Double Dipping with Musical films from the Oughts

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josie_and_the_pussycatsmusic_and_lyricsWe are taking a slightly different journey this week with MIWETS (Yeah, not a great acronym). I would not really say the films I am going to focus on are guilty pleasures but many film fans might turn their noses up at such crassly commercial projects. One film exploits a TV show comic book legacy and the other one comes from one of the most resented genres among movie fans, the romantic comedy. I think each film actually has some merits that could be discussed in a passionate way because I have seen some hate for these films online. Neither film is essential, seminal or serious in any way. The two movies have one thing in common that moved me to pair them like this. Each one is a version of a nearly extinct form of film making, the original film musical.

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Discovery of the Week: Oh My Disney

It has been a bit since I posted. There were issues that prevented me from writing anything last week and I did say I promised to try but said nothing about being devoted to a “every week” post, so I don’t feel too bad. Plus, this week’s “discovery” is really fun and hopefully that makes up for a little.

I discovered a while ago but wanted to share with the internet world now that Disney has a “Buzzfeed” inspired blog, “Oh My Disney.” It is made up of lists and articles that cover everything Disney.

From flowcharts like which Tweedle Are You? to lists like What Your Favorite Disney Prince Says About You, it has everything a Disney fanatic could want in a website devoted to wasting time.

I’m not a huge fan of the name, “Oh My Disney” but I know they do that to abbreviate it to OMD! which I don’t think I like either but I can understand from a marketing standpoint.

It seems like it is pretty legit. It is linked to the official Disney website and they sometimes posts pictures of their OMD! obsessions at work. From the pictures it looks like they are actual Disney offices. I think it’s probably a pet project of someone who works there and they do things in their off time (kind of like a certain movieclips blog).

They don’t always update it but it’s a fun little site. I know I’ve posted quite a bit about blogs and the internet but just remember I spend the entire time I’m at work on the internet. I write what I know and I know what I see. I will try in the future to have a little more variety.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you next time 🙂