30 Favorite Fictional Characters

Reposting my #30DaysofFavorites project here on my blog. Sharing my 30 Favorite Fictional Characters.




30 Favorite Movies

Reposting my #30DaysofFavorites project here on my blog. Sharing my 30 Favorite Movies.






Guest Post: Silverado

Reposting older pieces from my other blog.


Recently I convinced my friend Johanna to watch one of my favorite movies, Silverado. Somewhere along the way one of us suggested she write a review for my blog. So, here it is …

I was kind of stressed out about writing a film review that could end up on Duck’s blog. I mean, she was a film minor at SC for crying out loud! Duck is the kind of person that has Die Hard movie marathons, thinks Sean Connery is sexy (gross—I still think he looks like Joe Camel) and refuses to go in the ocean because she was traumatized by that one movie with the mechanical shark. In spite of all that (or maybe because of that), she’s the most interesting person I know 🙂 If it weren’t for her my movie knowledge would be limited to films like Sixteen Candles, Ever After and Pretty Woman. Duck’s effort to broaden my movie taste began by introducing me to my first western film: Silverado. A quick side note—why are singing cowboys called country singers but movies about cowboys called western movies? Here goes my review of my first western film (not to be confused with a country movie).

My conclusion was this: men are crazy and the women who followed them back in the day were even crazier. As someone who enjoys talking to strangers and wandering new cities on my own, I sure wouldn’t have been cut out for life in the West. Even small talk always ended with gun shots, newfound enemies and a whole lot of broken glass. I’ve never seen a movie where so many guns are fired. This movie makes Compton look like a walk in the park! It is survival of the fittest at its best.

I enjoyed Silverado because it’s kind of like a Disney story in some ways. The good guys really are good guys, a few parents die along the way and eventually the bad guys get what they deserve. I enjoyed Paden’s character and his philosophy on life. In the beginning of the film he’s beat up by a group of guys he trusted; he is on the verge of death when Emmett comes along as the good Samaritan and saves him. Paden says, “I always figure you might as well approach life like everybody’s your friend or nobody is; don’t make much a difference.” Isn’t that kind of how life works? Even when you get screwed over by the people you trust, someone or something comes along that helps restore your faith in people. I know, that’s cheesy but hey this is my review.

My favorite character, was Kevin Costner’s character, Jake. He’s a perfect combination of the A-team’s Face and Murdock. His explanation for getting himself into messy situations is, “All I did was kiss a girl.” He’s jittery, funny, and not to mention, he’s a good looking cowboy. It’s no wonder he was always getting in trouble for kissing the ladies. I thought the feminist in me was going to be annoyed at the portrayal of women, but I actually liked the female characters. Although the women in the film did not have major roles, they were strong, sassy, hard working and independent.

I thought it was pretty cool that they had a black cowboy too. Malachi is like Mr. T minus the bling and usage of the word “foo.” He’s another character that has every reason to hate people, yet he’s willing to stick his neck out for people he’s barely met. The irony about these men is that although they’re good people at heart, they go around saying things like, “Stand up real slow and you might just live through this night.” Or they’ll shoot someone for stealing their hat. Like I said, men are crazy and I would have made one wimpy cowboy. Still, after riding The Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland and watching this movie, I’d take being a cowboy over a pirate any day.


#30DaysofFavorites: Favorite Movie Moments (6-1)

If you missed my explanation of this project, I’m turning 30 at the end of June. I thought it would be fun to celebrate by talking about my favorite things. In this case, my favorite Movie Moments. Today I finish counting down my favorite Movie Moments with my number 6 to my number 1.


#6 – Full Moon Transformation
Movie: An American Werewolf in London (1981)

This movie is almost 40 years old and still looks great. That’s largely due to the amazing special effects, which won the first ever Academy Award for Makeup. I am a fan of practical effects over computer graphics, and this scene demonstrates why real life effects work so much better than CG.


#5 – Pellet with the Poison
Movie: The Court Jester (1955)

Danny Kaye is a master of verbal and physical comedy and showcases both in this wonderful scene.


#4 – The trick is not minding.
Movie: Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

All of T.E. Lawrence’s quirkiness summed up in one scene, followed by that sweeping score from Maurice Jarre. Also, the best part of Prometheus.


#3 – Underwear Showdown.
Movie: Silverado (1985)

Paden is a sharp shot, and his horse is loyal. And he demonstrates this all in just his underwear.


#2 – It’s weird and pissed off.
Movie: The Thing (1982)

Another great example of practical effects and a disturbing sequence that kicks off the terror at this isolated camp.


#1 – USS Indianapolis Speech.
Movie: Jaws (1982)

It is a crime that Robert Shaw never won an Academy Award, and every time I watch this scene I feel like boycotting the show in protest.


Thanks for stopping by. I’m continuing my #30DaysofFavorites project with the next round on my YouTube channel in which I discuss my favorite movies starting tomorrow. Check it out here.