#30DaysofFavorites: Favorite Movie Moments (18-13)

If you missed my explanation of this project, I’m turning 30 at the end of June. I thought it would be fun to celebrate by talking about my favorite things. In this case, my favorite Movie Moments. Today I am continuing to count down my favorite movie moments with number 18 to 13.


#18 – Ego’s flashback
Movie: Ratatouille (2007)

Only Pixar could create a scene in which a rat has cooked a meal so delicious that the world’s most cynical critic is instantly transported back to his childhood, and not make it seem trite. In this scene Pixar demonstrates how food can affect us by transporting us, and bringing to light memories enhanced by oursenses of taste and smell.


#17 – Raptors in the kitchen
Movie: Jurassic Park (1993)

Another infamous scene involving a kitchen, though with a much less warm and fuzzy feeling.


#16 – Drew eats it in the opening scene
Movie: Scream (1996)

In a move that is now legendary, and ripped off so much that the fourth in the series pokes fun at it, the star actress is killed off in the first five minutes.


#15 – Quid Pro Quo
Movie: The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

In one of the most tense scenes ever, you can’t help but hold your breath as Clarice offers up little bits of herself with the hope that in doing so Lector will help them catch Buffalo Bill.


#14 – The car chase
Movie: Bullitt (1968)

Ten minutes of pure adrenaline. Sadly it’s only available in bits and pieces on YouTube.


#13 – Samuel L. Jackson eats it, or rather gets eaten
Movie: Deep Blue Sea (1999)

One of the biggest surprise jumps ever. I remember being in the theater and jumping out of my seat with the rest of the crowd because no one expected the big name actor to get it.


Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to see the next batch.


Discovery of the Week: Paris Baguette

Hello again!

I know I missed posting last week but sometimes life gets in the way of the best laid plans. Still, I’m back this week with a new discovery.

I was at the Santa Anita Mall this weekend and while walking along, window shopping, what should I see? A new bakery that has “Paris” in the title. Now, any of you who know me, know that I love French food and adore Paris themed things. I just had to have a peak at what this store had to offer.

Paris Baguette is the name of the bakery (not really creative but at least it’s to the point). They have a wide array of pastries to choose from, including: cakes, cookies, bread, sandwiches, etc. They are a division of a larger Korea-based company which is interesting because there seems to be some Asian-influenced pastries in their line-up as well. They have green tea flavored shaved ice, as well as rice cakes, and mochi desserts. I’m mostly excited about the croissants and macaroons though.

I did not have the chance to actually try anything yet but I will definitely be making a stop here on my next trip to Santa Anita. I have very high hopes. Thanks for coming by!