Discovery of the Week: Urban Home

Hi again!

I’m back with another discovery this week!

I would like to share with you all my introduction to a new (at least new to me) store: Urban Home.

It’s a furniture and home goods store that I visited last week (when I was also visiting Paris Baguette, which I still have yet to try) at the Santa Anita Mall. My mom had mentioned it a few times but having no clue what it was, I never really understood what she was saying. That has all changed.

Let me tell you. This store is amazing!

They have really cute stuff (furniture, decor, etc.) and it’s all fairly reasonably priced.

It’s like IKEA but cheaper and higher quality. The only sad part is that I don’t have my own home (or the money) to furnish with all these lovely products they have for sale. That is actually probably a good thing now that I think about it because otherwise I would have spent all my money. I seriously considered buying that clock above even though I have no where to put it. That’s how awesome this store is.