Discovery of the Week

So, WordPress. Hi!

I’m new here and while I’ve had a few other blogs before I thought I should see what all the fuss was about. It’s pretty cool. I think I shall attempt to make a small home in this corner of the internet.

I think every good blog should have a theme, a purpose. My other blogs focus largely on entertainment, as that is a huge interest of mine, but I think I will try something new here. The other day someone told me the old cliche, “You learn something new everyday” and that got me thinking. Maybe I should do a “learn something new everyday” kind of blog. Only, I know I won’t post everyday so rather than attempt and fail miserably at that, I’m going to do at least one every week. Some weeks may have more but I will try to commit to doing a write-up once a week at least. I’ll post about new things I discover around the internet or in real life. There are no limits on where discovery may come from so there will be no limits here. They can be new websites, cool facts or maybe even just a new word or quote. Something light and happy, hopefully. And now, for a name …

You probably already guessed it from the title of this post …”Discovery of the Week”

“And, this week’s discovery?” you ask. Well, here it is …

Barnes & Noble has a blog!

I’m not sure exactly how long it has been up but from what I can tell, the first post went up in February 2013. It is also unclear if they have a staff of writers or if it’s a community kind of thing. All I know is there is a blog dedicated to posts (which are thankfully rather short) about book related things! It is pretty epic and I’m currently working my through old posts.

Well, that’s it for this week. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you soon!