TCM Mad About Musicals Online Course

In June I signed up for an online course offered by TCM and Ball State University that focused on Movie Musicals. It ran for a month and TCM had special Musicals programming twice a week all during the month of June. Thought I’d share a bit about my experience.

I really overbooked myself in June. I had my #30DaysofFavorites project I was working on, I was employed full-time, and then I went ahead and signed up for this course. Naturally I decided to wait until the very last week of the month to even look at the class workload. I tried recording some of the musicals being shown on TCM but didn’t end up watching any of them. Thankfully this turned out not to be a problem as they were not required viewing to complete the course.

There were daily lecture notes, video commentaries, and a weekly half hour podcast going over all the material covered. I crammed three weeks worth of these into about two days, then followed through with the last week as it went along. I ended up completing all of the assignments, acing all of the quizzes, which you could take more than once, though I only had to do that on one, and finished the course right on time. It might have helped that one of my favorite classes I took for my Cinema minor was a course dedicated to Movie Musicals, and much of the material covered in that class was mirrored in the TCM one. I think that’s why I was originally so excited about the course. It reminded me of my college days, and I got to soak up a ton of movie history. You also got a “badge” to share on social each week you completed all the work. As I hadn’t kept up with the class in real time, I got all of the badges at the end of the month and didn’t share them on social, so I’m sharing them here now.


Week One Badge


Week Two Badge


Week Three Badge


Week Four Badge

I do wish I had planned it out better, and had taken the time to complete each assignment the week it was actually assigned. That might have saved me some stress that last week of June. Still, I thought it was a great experience, and I hope TCM offers similar opportunities in the future.

At the end of the course, if you took it for a grade, you got this cool certificate that means nothing except that you’re an expert movie geek:

Mad About Musicals

Large Association of Movie Blogs

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